keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

OMANIMI GRAND OPENING with Pallo & Nimi Collective

Albertinkatu 22

OMANIMI Underground Art Showroom opens its doors and its walls for the first time for the public eye on 26th of October, 2012. We bring you drinks, friends, art and live performances every last weekend of the month from here to eternity – and you are all invited. 

This month we join together to celebrate the vernissage of Pallo, a street artist hailing from Turku, whose exhibition 'A sympathetic attempt at being scary' runs from 26.10. to 26.11. More information on Pallo can be found at

From Nimi Collective we will see the works of;

Alise Hurme
Anna-Stiina Korhonen
Fabio Pires
Funky Thing
Hans-Peter Schutt
Juha-Pekka Köykkä
Juulia Markko
Kobra Leif
Mitja Lehtevä
Olli Silvennoinen
Otto Maja

To glimpse at the works of the collective, go to

The musicians of the evening are;

Miss Samidi (Netherlands) vs. Moonlit (Ghettotyylit)

Hermanni Turkki

Last but not least: In order to soothe the day-after, we launch OMANIMI KUSH on saturday 27th on SayFM. Brace yourself for the rambles of Magmaman and Subzero, and the tunes of disc jockey Afar.


Event sponsored by SOL & Geezers the shop

tiistai 25. syyskuuta 2012

Jupiterin äänet @ Pacifico Helsinki

Jupiterin äänet @ Pacifico Helsinki - Keskiviikko 3.10.2012 - Helsinginkatu 15

“...And there we were, flopping and boiling and tweeting around in the sky, with wheels inside of wheels and colors that tasted like music, in the fulsome embrace of the purple ether-molasses!”

Kaksi kuukautta kestävä Pacificon karnevaalihenkinen taiderykäys käynnistyy äänillä Jupiterista, jotka toteutetaan ravitsemusliikkeen seinille OMANIMI Underground Art Showroomin ja Geezersin yhteistyönä. Pintaremontista tulevat vastaamaan viisi taiteilijaa – Pallo, Otto Maja & KAP, StayICE & Färsaaret.


Otto Maja & KAP

StayICE & Färsaaret

Tapahtuma on ensisoittoa 26.10. avautuvan OMANIMI Underground Art Showroomin toiminnasta. Ensimmäisenä näytteilleasettajana mm. Pallo. Lisätietoa aiheesta löytyy OMANIMEN nettisivuilta.

OMANIMI Underground Art Showroom


tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2012


I didnt imagine this moment when we created NIMI Collective over two years ago. We have finally found our own place in middle of Helsinki center.

In OMANIMI Underground Showroom @ Albertinkatu 22 there will be a wall for collectives artwork and also another wall for a monthly changing exhibition.

Our first exhibition will be at 26th October and guess what! The first artist will be notorious Pallo from Turku. We are extremely stoked about this.  -->

Dont forget to check out ours facebook page ->

Heres few "Making of" flicks from the place.

Dont hesitate to check out the showrooms website at